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Forage preparation and products

This month, we have several varieties of forage Barley including Harpoon and Dictator. Forage barley is great for grazing, hay, or silage. It is fast establishing for winter and suited for late planting. Forage oat seed is also in-stock including Tiapan and Bronco. Our forage oats are early starting with good drought tolerance for an autumn and early winter feed.

In addition to barley and forage oats we also have grazing medics in-store including vetch and other varieties. New seed dressings are in-stock as well. These products are a great way protect against seed-born diseases and fungus. Victrato from Syngenta is great for control of crown-rot and management of root lesion nematodes. It is formulated for our local conditions with no negative effects on germination or crop strength. This is a new product that would make a great addition to your management practices increasing returns and minimizing risks.

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