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Agronomy Corner

Time to protect against Woody Weeds!

The increased moisture over the past few seasons means that the woody weeds have been spreading. 

Heading into autumn is the best time to control woody weed pests as the sap is flowing down to the roots for the winter months. This results in a slower kill but more lethal to the weeds being targeted. 

There are many ways to control woody weeds. Here are a few suggestions. 

Brigalow-Graslan or Grazon

Mother of a Million- Grazon or Amine.

African Boxthorn- Roundup (once it re-leafs) or Velpar.

African Love grass- Taskforce.

Lime Bush- Velpar or Grazon.

Lippia- Lantana 600.

Give Dave or Andy a call to discuss rates and different options to combat the woody pests at your place. 

We also have plenty of spike products to add to spray jobs such as grindstone and salve (aminopyralid) and plenty of wetter and other adjuvants to assist in your spray applications. 

Other things to get onto: 

Oat seed is very tight so give us a call to book something or to look at different options. 

Issues at the port with wharf workers on strike will cause massive delays on chemical from overseas getting unloaded. It is suggested for everyone to grab what you think you will need for February early, as there will be a delay. 

As of the last week of January there were 54000 containers of chemicals sitting on the water waiting to be unloaded. They will start unloading in February on ½ days. Therefore, the backlog will not be cleared quickly. 


 Andy Gunther 


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