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Agro Update 20/10/22 - Grain Storage, Weedsmart Week, Immune Ready Cattle

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully the rain is treating you not too badly this week.

Here are a few things to think about while you might be in the office!

Storing grain this harvest? Think about using a long acting grain insecticide like Conserve Plus or D-Poly.

If you have been using Conserve Plus for the last few years, please do think about swapping products to the D-Poly. This will give you long term control of grain pests and stop them forming resistance.

Both Conserve Plus and D-Poly will be available from Tara and Condamine stores. Please let us know your requirements so that we can order in what you need.

WeedSmart week in Dalby - 6th and 7th December

Always great to go to - learn from local agros and farmers about what is practical and working on their farms.

Early bird registrations close OCTOBER 23rd. Follow this link to book now: 2022 WeedSmart Week - Dalby, QLD Tickets, Dalby Showgrounds, Dalby | TryBooking Australia

Immune Ready Cattle - Follow the correct Vaccination program

You may have heard about this new initiative. Immune Ready allows sellers to be recognised for producing healthy, productive cattle that have been adequately prepared for sale. The risk of disease in these cattle has been reduced through appropriate vaccination schedules.

Follow the link to their website for more details:

We now stock Bovilis MH + IBR for anyone looking to prepare to put cattle into feedlots.

Please talk to you buyers and agents about this new program, and see if there are premiums available to you for vaccinating your cattle to this standard (some feedlots are requesting this already).


Kylie Fourie

Agronomist for Tara Rural Supplies and Condamine Seeds

Mobile: 0429 032 218

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